2017 Endless Cultural Center, Seoul, Competition 1°prize
2017 Eiger Mönch Jungfrau Multiple family house, Rancate
2016 Nonhyeon 101-1 Office and apartment, Seoul
2015 Mia Office and administrative building, Mendrisio, Competition 7°prize
2015 Hortus Conclusus Architecture school, Mendrisio, Competition
2015 Arca di Noè Hospital, Mendrisio, Competition
2014 Pestalozzi School, Castione, Competition
2014 Famm un piesè Elderly house, Losone, Competition
2014 Meandri della terra Multipurpose Centre, Lodrino, Competition
2014 Sottocoperta Civic Centre, Monteggio, Competition 3° prize
2014 Patchwork Facade restyling, Mendrisio, Competition 2° prize
2013 Nina One family house, Besazio
2013 Biotop School, Tenero, Competition
2013 Terrazze Educational youth center, Mendrisio, Competition
2013 Web Platform for office, Comano
2013 Astrid Armchair/Sofa
2013 Alfredo Table
2012 Mikado Multiple family house, Porza
2012 Kimchi Suisse Embassy, Seoul, Competition
2012 BrickBlock Middle School, Chiasso, Competition 5° prize
2012 Matrioska RSI, Comano, Competition
2011 Nazionale Casa Engel, Morbio
2011 ICEC School, Bellinzona, Competition
2010 Akno Housing complexes, Stabio
2010 SottoBosco Winery, Genestrerio
2009 BauBau Two family house, Rancate
2009 Lumacca Casa Colombo, Rivera
2008 Merlot Agricultural school, Mezzana, Competition
2008 Safepark Protection center, Mendrisio, Competition
2008 Totorò Kindergarten, Cadro, Competition
2006 Zegna Factory, Mendrisio, Competition
2006 Ishi One family house, Tremona
2006 Faggi Two family house, Mendrisio
2006 Sindbad Kindergarten, Stabio, Competition
2006 Invention c-DUR Protestant church, Buchrain, Competition 1° prize
2006 ParkPlatz Sports center, Wittenbach, Competition
2005 Casa Torriani One family house, Rancate, Renovation
2005 Fishbone Road bridges, Firenze (IT), Competition
2004 Raiffeisen Office building, Rancate
2004 Jonny Casa Bernasconi, Morbio
2004 Ristorante RSI Renovation restaurant and conference room, Comano, Competition 1° prize
2004 Stefano Square and traffic accommodation, Rancate, Competition 1° prize
2002 Leebox Container House-Multifunctional Module
2000 Casinò House for elderly people, Lucerna, Competition, 4° prize